School of Education Science


School of Education Science (Tin Ka Ping Education College of Xinjiang Normal Education) was merged with the former Department of Modern Educational Technology and Department of Education in January, 2001 in order to adapt to reform and development and based on the principle of powerful alliance, structure optimization and rational allocation.

It consists of Department of Education, Department of Psychology and Department of Educational Information Technology & Experiment Center, Adult Education Office and Center of Mental Health Education and Counseling of College Students. XJNU Research Center of Elementary Education Reform and Development, Xinjiang Psychological Society and Xinjiang Normal University Correspondents Station of Xinjiang Educational Television Station are attached in our school. It offers adult academic credential education with features of teachers’ education and also academic credential education with disciplinary features.

The school offers five bachelor’s degree programs for Pedagogy, Pre-school Education, Psychology, Educational Technology and Digital Media Art. Moreover, it is responsible for three public required courses with features of teachers’ education, namely Public Pedagogy, Public Psychology and Modern Educational Technology. Region-level Demonstration Center for University Experimental Teaching is available, namely Experimental Teaching Center for Media and Communication Studies. Pre-school Education is listed among the second batch of key industry urgently needed talent majors in Xinjiang.

Currently there are 73 staff members, with 6 professors and 16 associate professors; 8 doctors and 14 doctor students; teachers with postgraduate education level or above taking account 79.5%. The teaching faculty enjoys a reasonable structure in education level, academic title and age.

Recent years, centering on the thought of “One Two Three Four Five Six” proposed by University Party Committee, it is trying to develop into a teaching and research school with distinct teacher teaching and regional features, with talent training as the core and platform building as the handhold.

Currently, the school has the approved discipline under construction for doctor degree granting unit, namely Pedagogy, Region-level Key Discipline, namely Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, Region-level Liberal Art Base, namely Xinjiang Teachers’ Education Research Center, University-level Liberal Art Base, namely Xinjiang Teachers’ Professional Development Research Center, University-level Key Discipline, namely Psychology, University-level Key Laboratory, namely Cross Cultural Cognition and Personality Laboratory and postgraduate degree programmes of first-level discipline, namely Pedagogy and Psychology.

The state and university have altogether invested 12 million Yuan to build educational technology laboratory, psychology laboratory and comprehensive laboratory for teacher education co-built by the province and ministry, which can fully meet the demand for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and scientific research.

Recent years, the school has undertaken over 40 projects of national level, Region level and international cooperation and issued about 100 academic papers, with remarkable scientific research achievements.

Currently there are over 100 postgraduates, 1000 undergraduates and 3300 adult education trainees. Main associations include Undergraduate Psychological Association, Undergraduate Cinema Club, Black-Eye Photography Association and Computer Society, acting as a platform to display students’ talents through scientific and technological renovation and social practices. Recent years, students performed well in MM millions of Youth Entrepreneurship Program, Freescale Cup National College Students Intelligent Car Competition, National Skills Contest for College Students Information Technology, National College Student DV Works Contest and National English Contest for College Students.



Contact Information:

Dean’s office: 0086-991-4332317

Secretary’s office: 0086-991-4332462

Associate dean’s office: 0086-991-4332202

Teaching secretary’s office: 0086-991-4332404