School of History


Founded in July, 2013, School of History developed from Department of History which started to take in undergraduates in 1983, Department of History under Humanities School which started to take in graduates in 2003 and School of History and Ethnology which started to take in doctors in 2013.

School of History consists of there teaching and research sections on Chinese History, World History and Historic Relic & Museum as well as four research platforms, namely Xinjiang Islam Research Center, Research Center for History of Relationship between Central Asia and Neighboring Country, Silk Road Economic Belt Soft Environment Research Center as well as Key Discipline of Special History. It offers two bachelor’s degree programmes for History (normal education ) and Historic Relic & Museum, master degree programmers of first-level discipline for Chinese History (Special History and Chinese Modern History) and Ethnology (research interest of Chinese Minority History for doctor and Chinese Minority History for master degree as well as Master of Education (History).

School of History has a teaching and scientific research troop with a reasonable academic title, education level and age structure. Among the 22 full-time teachers, there are 4 professors, 2 doctor supervisors, 7 associate professors, 11 lecturers and 9 doctors. At present, the enrolled full-time undergraduates reach 217, postgraduates 38, and adult education students over 300, totaling 555.

As one of the earliest teaching departments in XJNU, famous history experts such as Hou Can, Zhong Guofa and Meng Xianshi made great contributions to development of History. Over 30 years, thanks to the great efforts made by teachers, School of History improves both in scale and quality, with bachelor, master and doctor degree programmes available, which has cultivated many teaching and research backbones for Xinjiang.



Contact Information:

Dean’s office: 0086-991-6652315

Associate dean’s office: 0086-991-6627553

Teaching secretary’s office: 0086-991-6682024