School of Chinese Languages


Founded in July, 2009, School of Chinese Languages developed from Department of Chinese Languages, which is one of the earliest founded departments in XJNU, with a history of over 30 years. It consists of three departments, namely Department of Chinese Languages, Department of Preparatory Education and Center of Adult Education, offers two bachelor’s degree programs for Chinese and Uygur Language and three master degree programs for Chinese Minority Language and Literature (Sub branch), Curriculum and Teaching Methodology and Subject Chinese Teaching. Chinese Minority Language and Literature (Sub branch) is among one of the six earliest approved master degree programs in XJNU, and it started to take in postgraduates with a research interest of Bilingual Education and Bilingual Teaching in 1995. Moreover, the school is mainly responsible for preparatory Chinese teaching for minority students, bilingual training for primary and middle school teachers in Xinjiang and postgraduates training for relative master degree programmes. In 2006, Uygur Language was approved as national second-type featured major by Ministry of Education and was included in Xinjiang Special Training Scheme, starting to take in postgraduate candidates exempt from admission exam with a research interest of “Translation Theory and Practice”. In 2011, major of Chinese Language and Uygur Language was included in double translation talents plan. In the same year, Uygur Language was approved as key industry urgently needed talent major, based on which Xinjiang Minority Bilingual Education Research Center was set up in 2008, which was among the first Humane Social SciencesKey Research Bases in XJNU and approved as Region-level Undergraduate University Humane Social SciencesKey Research Base in 2011. Journal of Xinjiang Bilingual Education is available.

Currently, it has formed a multi-level educational system with postgraduate education, undergraduate education, preparatory education and adult education. The teaching and scientific research troops are increasing in scale and becoming more reasonable in structure. Among 73 staff members, there are 67 full-time teachers, 25 professors and associate professors, 52 full-time teachers with postgraduate education level or above (6 doctors, 4 doctor students, 40 postgraduates and 2 postgraduate students), accounting for 71.2%. Teachers of minority groups total 28, taking up 38.3%.

At present, enrolled students of various types total 2542, with 1296 undergraduates, 137 postgraduates (110 in translation theory and practice, three in bilingual education, 2 in Curriculum and Teaching Methodology-Chinese and 22 in higher education and pedagogy), 649 trainees of various types and 406 corresponding students. Minority students account for 70.5%.

School of Chinese Languages centers on teaching and meanwhile vigorously promotes the strategy of “Scientific Research Consolidating the School”. Recent years, it has undertaken 36 projects of provincial and ministerial level or above, including 12 projects of National Social Science Fund and NationalEducation ScientificPlanning Projects, 5 Projects for Humanities and Social Sciences under Ministry of Education as well as 20 planned projects of other types, with a research fund of over 1.5 million Yuan. 474 papers have been issued, including 87 in core journals. 22 monographs have been issued and more than 80 textbooks have been edited and compiled. It received two first prizes, two second prizes & two third prizes for Philosophy and Social Science Achievement Award and one Youth Award for excellent work. One course has been selected as Region quality course and two courses as university-level quality courses. Moreover, it has been granted one second prize for Region-level Teaching Achievement Award, one Region-level teaching team, one university-level teaching team, one first prize, two second prizes and four third prizes for university-level Teaching Achievement Award.



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Dean’s office: 0086-991-6682160

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Associate dean’s office: 0086-991-6682589

Executive office: 0086-991-6682945