School of Political Science and Public Administration


       Founded in August, 2013, School of Political Science and Public Administration developed from Department of Politics under Law and Economy School. Teaching faculty here enjoys reasonable title, educational level and age structure. It is well staffed with 40 teachers, among whom there are 6 professors, 10 associate professors, 8 doctors and 8 doctor students, 3 doctoral supervisors, 18 postgraduate supervisors. Moreover, there are 18 external postgraduate supervisors.

      The school offers two undergraduate majors, namely Ideological and Political Education and Public Service Administration, with about 600 students. Moreover, it offers master’s degree programmes of first-level discipline for Political Science and Philosophy, second-level discipline for Theory of Politics, International Politics, Marxist Philosophy, Science of Religion, Ethics, Chinese Philosophy, History of the Chinese Communist Party and Marxist Ethnic Theory and Policy, Ideological and Political Education Orientation under Curriculum and Teaching Theory as well as Ideological and Political Subject Teaching under Master of Pedagogy (professional master degree), with overall 200 postgraduates. There are also over ten international students from such countries as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan andAzerbaijan majoring in International Politics and Religion. The school is also responsible for Primary and Middle School Teachers’ Bilingual Training, National Teacher Training, Middle School Teachers’ Continuing Education and Teachers’ Training for Special Post.

      The school owns a Region-level Humane Social SciencesKey Research Base, namely Central Asia and Northwest Frontier China Political and Economic Research Center. It vigorously promotes Central Asia Strategy, aiming to contribute to scientific research, team building, talent training and policy advisory. Founded in November, 2012, Xinjiang Social Management Research Institute is an independent scientific research institute, with teaching entity attached to the school.

      Inheriting fine tradition of the former Law and Economy School, School of Political Science and Public Administration will carry out “Twelfth Five-year Plan” and “"One Two Three Four Five Six" working thought set out by the University Party Committee, push forward “Going Out” and International Strategy, focus on talent training and promote Connotation Construction to write a new chapter in a united, practical and innovative method.



Contact Information:

Dean’s office: 0086-991-6615470

Secretary’s office (North Campus): 0086-991-6614630

Secretary’s office (main campus): 0086-991-4332359

Teaching secretary’s office: 0086-991-6615473