School of Literature


During thirty years’ history, School of Literature developed from the former Department of Chinese Language and Department of Chinese Language under College of Humanities. Founded in 1979, Department of Chinese Language is among one of the earliest established departments. School of Literature reorganized in July, 2009 is a new development platform based on foundations of Chinese Discipline.

Currently there are 66 staff members, with 61 full-time teachers; 14 professors and 20 associate professors; 22 doctors (doctor students included) and 22 postgraduates; 48 full-time and part-time postgraduate supervisors. After 30 years of development and efforts from generations to generations, School of Literature has grown into a scientific research and teaching entity with considerable influence, with discipline leaders and core teachers acting as director for China Li Bai Research Association, deputy director for Chinese Poetry Society & Association of Chinese Ancient Ethnic Characters Research and chairman of Xinjiang Writers’ Association. Professor Wang Youfu was a State Council Expert for Special Allowance and Professor Zhang Liangjie was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award for National Middle School Chinese Education.

School of Literature has many discipline development platforms: first-level discipline Chinese Language and Literature became the support discipline for XNU Doctor Degree Granting Unit in 2010; it offers one master degree programme of first-level discipline, namely Chinese Language and Literature, eight of second-level disciplines, namely Chinese Classical Literature, Ancient Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literature, Literature and Art, Chinese Language and Philology, Chinese Minority Language and Literature (Uygur), Chinese Minority Language and Literature (Mongolia), Subject Teaching Methodology (Chinese). It also has Region-level University Humane Social SciencesKey Research Base, namely Western Regions Literature and History Research Center, Xinjiang Manas Research Center Specially built by People's Government of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region, university-level key discipline Chinese Minority Language and Literature and Literature and Art. Moreover, such academic institutes as Oirat Study Research Center and Middle School Chinese Education Research Center are also available.

With united efforts from both teachers and students and guided by Scientific Concept of Development, School of Literature will advance its work steadily with discipline building as the main line, teaching construction and faculty building as the priority and organizational development and system innovation as the guarantee.



Contact Information:

Dean’s office: 0086-991-6624321

Secretary’s office: 0086-991-6627114

Associate dean’s office: 0086-991-6682330

Teaching secretary’s office: 0086-991-6627157