School of Marxism


       Founded in November, 2008, Marxism School of Xinjiang Normal University is directly under the leadership of university Party Committee, being the first one in Xinjiang. In February, 2013, it was approved to hold doctor degree’s programme.

      Currently, the school has 36 full-time teachers, 21 of Han Nationality and 15 of minority groups, among whom there are four professors, 15 associate professors and 17 lecturers. Over the past years, relying on such platforms as National University Students’ Cultural Quality Education Base, Xinjiang University Students’ Ideological and Political Education Research Center, Region-level Ideological and Political Education Key Discipline, Marxism Popularization Research Center of XJNU, Psychological Health Education Advisory and Research Center and Central Asia & China Northwest Frontier Political Research center, and centering on the six teaching and research sections for ideological and political theory education, Marxism School has made remarkable achievements in areas of teaching faculty, scientific research, teaching & talent training, academic exchanges and school-running conditions, paving solid foundation for doctor’s degree programme of first-level discipline Marxism to be approved.

      Recent years, abiding by discipline development law and centering on discipline development orientation, the school builds up teaching troops, improves the team quality and attaches great importance to the guidance served by discipline leaders. Discipline leaders and core teachers have made remarkable achievements in their respective research field and act as vice president of Xinjiang Ideological and Political Education Academy, Chinese Scientific Socialism Academy Contemporary World Socialism Committee, and Xinjiang Scientific Socialism Academy respectively as well as contributing lecturer for Theory Expert Bank of Autonomous Region Party Committee, with one receiving a special government allowance from the State Council. Meanwhile, the school makes greater efforts to train young and middle-aged academic backbones through means of further and advanced study in order to optimize structure of teaching troops.

      At present, an academic echelon with clear guidelines, detailed development plan, sound structure, concise research interest and high teaching and scientific research level has taken shape. 14 teachers have been awarded provincial or ministerial level (above) awards, including National Teaching Ethics Model Individual, National Good Teacher, National University Excellent Teacher of Ideological and Political Theory Course, Xinjiang Outstanding Contribution Expert, Xinjiang Four(Kindsof) First Batch Talents, Xinjiang Teaching Celebrity, Xinjiang Excellent Individual for Ideological and Political Education, Xinjiang Discipline Leader for Ideological and Political Theory, Core Teacher for Xinjiang Ideological and Political Theory. Moreover, there are one teaching expert of Region level and two of university level.

      The school actively explores the relationship among discipline building, course building, teaching troops building and teaching management, aiming for top design. By now, discipline building and development thought is clear and concise besides normal undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and five second-level disciplines under master degree programmes of first-level discipline Marxist Theory enjoy a higher starting point, clear objective and practical measures. Quality projects for Ideological and Political Theory achieved fruitful results and Ideological and Political Education Theoretical Courses for undergraduates have all been approved as quality courses of national, Region and university level, among which Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis is the only national quality course under construction.

      Marxism School actively develops teaching and scientific research achievements. Recent years, it has been awarded 16 National Social Science Fund Projects and 17 provincial or ministry level projects; more than 100 academic papers were published, among which over 30 were in core journals; 12 monographs were published, with more than 10 awards of provincial or ministerial level or above for scientific research achievement. Over the years, teaching troops have always shouldered contemporary mission and social responsibilities as educators and advanced fine course construction, with one national fine course, two region-level fine courses and two university-level fine courses built. As the only doctor admission unit for first-level discipline Marxist Theory, Marxism School takes the lead in teaching and talent training in Xinjiang. 



Contact Information:

Dean’s office: 0086-991-4333993

Secretary’s office: 0086-991-4333945

Associate dean’s office: 0086-991-4333114

Teaching secretary’s office: 0086-991-4333992

Executive secretary’s office: 0086-991-4333992

Research secretary’s office: 0086-991-4333944

Graduate secretary’s office: 0086-991-4333075