International Students


On July 8, 2013, XJNU became the only local university as demonstration base for overseas students studying in China approved by Ministry of Education. At present, there are about one thousand overseas students from 29 countries, with both scholarship and self-financed students. Moreover, we have incorporated overseas student management into multinational work of each department and school, offering them all-round and fine service as well as various scholarships. Overseas education of XJNU has received popularity and reputation in Central Asia.

At present, international students in XJNU are studying in:

Undergraduate major: Chinese as a Foreign Language (Business Chinese and Chinese-Russian Translation)

Graduate major: Science of Civil and Commercial Law, Religion, Regional Economics, International Trade, International Politics, Foundations of Education, Curriculum and Teaching Theory, Chinese Minority Language & Literature, Ethnology, Chinese Minority Nationalities' History, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Chinese Language for International Education, Natural Geography, Tourist Management, Nation Traditional Sports, Art Science.