Cooperation and Exchanges


XJNU widely promotes the exchange and cooperation at home and abroad on issues related to education, science, technology, and culture. Interschool cooperation with the U.S., Germany, Sweden, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan have been successively established. There are altogether over 40 inter-university international cooperation agreements, with contents covering joint training for exchange students, short-term study visit, cultural exchange and language practice.

Moreover, the university sends teachers out for further study, domestic and international academic conference, and at the same time invites domestically and internationally well-known specialists and scholars to give lectures and conduct exchanges. Many other teachers go out for examination, international conference, giving lectures and cooperative research through cooperation projects. Number of enrolled students going abroad for learning and personnel sent abroad on official duty has grown substantially. Currently, there are 15 long-term foreign experts, ranking the top among universities in Xinjiang, and nearly 1000 overseas students, gaining a considerable reputation in overseas students training in Central Asia.