Undergraduate Programs


School of Business:

Economics, Human Resources Management, International Economic and Trade

School of Law:

Science of Law

School of Ethnology and Sociology:

Social Work, Ethnology

School of Politics and Public Administration:

Ideological and Political Education, Public Service Administration

School of Education Science:

Education, Technical Education, Preschool Education, Psychology, Multimedia Digital Art

School of Elementary Education:

Primary Education, Special Education

School of Physics:

Physical Education, Sports Training, Performance

School of Literature:

Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Minority Language and Literature

School of Languages:

Chinese Language, Chinese Minority Language and Literature

School of International Cultural Exchange:

Chinese Language for International Education

School of Foreign Languages:

English, Russian, Japanese

School of History:

History, Historical Relics and Archeology

School of Mathematical Science:

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science

School of Physics and Electronic Engineering:

Physics, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Applied Physics

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering:

Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science

School of Geographical Science and Tourism:

Geographical Science, Physical Geography and Resources Environment, Human Geography and Urban & Rural Planning, Geographic Information Science, Tourist Management

School of Life Science:

Biological Science, Biological Technology, Biological Engineering

School of Computer Science and Technology:

Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering

School of Music:

Musical Entertainment, Musicology, Dance Performance,   Dance Science

School of Fine Arts:

Art Science, Painting, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Products Design, Clothing and Adornment Design