Join our 4-week Home Stay Program to have a Warm Chinese Family!


      Xinjiang Normal University is now recruiting students with a scholarship for a 4-week Home Stay program. Join us if you want to learn and practise Chinese language and experience Chinese culture in China!

I. Scholarship Coverage

1.      Tuition fee, accommodation and medical insurance (financed by Confucius Institute Headquarter)

2.      Travelling and visa expenses are not covered.

II. Eligibility

1.      Non-Chinese, healthy, aged between 18~35;

2.      Interested in Chinese language learning and has an HSK certificate;

3.      Easy-going and willing to experience homestay in a Chinese family;

4.      Communicative in either Russian or English;

5.      Has never studied in China with a scholarship offered by the Chinese government.

III. Home Stay Patterns

Pattern1. 2+2: stay at XJNU for the 1st week; have classes at daytime and stay overnight with a Chinese family for the next 2 weeks; and back to stay at XJNU for the last week.

Pattern 2.Homestay for weekends only: stay at XJNU from Monday to Friday and stay with a Chinese family for weekends only.

IV. Periods

Period 1: from mid-October, 2016 to mid-November, 2016

Period 2: from mid-November, 2016 to mid-December, 2016

Period 3: from mid-January, 2017 to mid-Febuary, 2017


One who is now studying at Confucius Institute can make your application there. Or, you can make an application online if there are no Confucius Institutes in your country or area.

Contact: Office 0523, College of International Cultural Exchange, Xinjiang Normal University, Urumqi, Xinjiang

Office Tel: (+86) 991-4333951   (+86) 991-4333952

Fax: (+86) 991-4333145  ;


Contact person: Zhang Qing


Want to have a warm Chinese family? Make your application now!

College of International Cultural Exchange, Xinjiang Normal University