The Delegation of “Dreaming on Silk Road-Eurasian Youth Leaders" Visited XJNU

On November 27, in response to the invitation of China Youth Federation, fifty youth representatives, who are the members of the Delegation of “Dreaming on Silk Road-Eurasian Youth Leaders” from Russia, the Republic of Belarus and the five countries of Central Asia, visited XJNU. The members of the Delegation are composed of youth leaders from legislative institutions, government departments, economic circle, academic circle, press circle, youth organizations and so on. Yang Qian, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Autonomous Region, attended this activity. He Feng, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, accompanied their visit.

The Delegation watched propaganda film in Russian about our school’s education of international students and learned about the conditions of international students’ education and management. Then six international student representatives introduced their study and life to the Delegation and communicated with the members of the Delegation. In addition, the art troupe of international students performed Chinese dance and martial art.

The Delegation also visited Chinese Culture Experience Center of International students and appreciated international students’ talent shows about Chinese culture, such as Chinese Zither, calligraphy, tea art, paper-cut and Chinese painting and calligraphy. These shows got the Delegation’s unanimous support and appreciation. The members of the Delegation indicated that they would introduce what they had saw and heard in our school to those who want to study in China, which can help our school enhance its international effects.

The Delegation experiencing Chinese Zither

The Delegation visiting the exhibition room of international students’ works