The Delegation of "Silk Road Celebrities’ China Tour" Visited XJNU

 On October 10th, as a part of preheating reports on our leader’s visiting Turkey and attending the G20 Summit and to precisely and profoundly explain the One Belt and One Road strategy, the Media Delegation of Silk Road Celebrities’ China Tour, as was invited by Chinese Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited XJNU in the company of relevant personnel of China Broadcasting International. The delegation communicated with the faculty and students of the school of International Cultural Exchanges in XJNU. Vice President Niu Ruji attended the activity, together with He Feng, Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, and Liang Yun, Dean of the school of International Cultural Exchanges. Sun Xiuling, Head of the Propaganda Department and doctoral supervisor presided over the activity.

Dean Liang Yun gave a special report on education conducted for international students. Then the delegation visited the Experiencing Centre of Chinese Culture in our university, learnt about the studying and living environment of international students, and watched the talent show presented by international students on Chinese zither, Calligraphy, Tea ceremony, Paper-cutting and Chinese Painting, etc.

At the end of the visit, a discussion was held among the delegation, the faculty and the students. On behalf of the university, Vice President Niu Ruji expressed a warm welcome to the delegation, and wished that, with this experience, they would understand more about both the One Belt and One Road strategy and the conditions and customs of Xinjiang, and make new contributions to strengthening the friendship between Turkey and China.

Members of the delegation also raised questions on the topics that interested them, which were answered by the faculty and the students present. The discussion was held in a totally exciting and harmonious atmosphere. After the discussion, Vice President Niu Ruji received an interview with Turkish NTV, and replied to the questions raised by the reporters on issues of major changes to Xinjiang brought by the autonomy of the region since 60 years ago, the relationship between Turkey and China, and the nongovernmental contact between the two countries, etc. The delegation members all spoke highly of the achievements we had made on education of international students in our university.

Experiencing Chinese Culture