2014 Commendation Conference for Students’ Work in our University

     In order to highlight and establish models, comprehensively promote the learning atmosphere and create good educational environment, XJNU held 2014 Commendation Conference for Students’ Work in Kunlun Lecture Hall on Wenquan Campus on Aprial 27. Wu Wenwu, Party committee secretary, Weili Balati , university president, Niu Ruji , Wang Xiaofeng, Xue Hui and Gulipali Abudula, vice presidents of our university, attended the conference. More than 500 people participated in the conference, among whom were staff from related functional departments , teachers from the colleges, all the instructors, representative of the head teachers of class, representative of the students .
     The conference started with the solemn national anthem, and commended model individuals and collectives during the school year of 2013-2014. They were respectively awarded respectively National Scholarship, National Encouragement Scholarship, the Excellent Instructor , the Excellent Head Teacher, Top-ten Students, May 4th medal for Youth, the Red-flag Youth League Branch, the Pacesetter Class and etc. Huang Linhui, instructor of History College, and Mayibahaer Kahaer, made speech on behalf of awarded teachers and students . 
     In the commendation conference, Wu Wenwu congratulated the model collectives and individuals. He expressed his thanks to the teachers, scientific researchers and managing staff who devoted themselves to student cultivation for long time. In addition, he highly appraised the students work in 2014, expressed his ardent wish and put forward requirements to the future students work, and appeal all the students and teachers to make efforts to achieve a higher goal in the students affairs.