School of Adult Education


      Founded in 1984, School of Adult Education, Continuing Education and Network Education offered full-time adult education first in Departments of Political Education, Chinese and History, and Education. In 1986, Adult Education Division in charge of adult education was founded and School of Adult Education was set up after approval by People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 1993. In 2006, School of Continuing Education and School of Network Education was established based on School of Adult Education, being a key talent training base for both teachers’ pre-service cultivation and post-service training.
      With a management system of “three plates and one leading group”, School of Adult Education, School of Continuing Education and School of Network Education is a functional department for adult education, continuing education, network education, educational training entities and management. It has always attached great importance to adult education undertaking, with correspondence teaching centers set up throughout Xinjiang and cooperation academic outposts covering whole China. It ranks the top among Xinjiang universities and colleges in enrollment scale, discipline setting, variety of teaching form and developing speed. Currently, it offers 49 disciplines for adult education, 30 for undergraduate education and 19 for college education, with over 6000 enrolled students. By the end of 2009, it has cultivated over 30,000 graduates with adult education.
      Relying on rich resources of teaching staff and first-class educational resources of XJNU and after years’ of development, it has grown into a key training base for primary and middle school teachers in Xinjiang, with complete training conditions, fruitful scientific research achievements, high training quality and great social influence. Recent years, adhering to people-centered scientific development concept of “emphasizing teachers’ education characteristics and serving for fundamental education”, and responding to social and economic development requirements, the school relies on XJNU’s educational advantages, sets up a multi-faceted, plural and hierarchical training system and steps onto a road of featured, specialized and branded adult education by sticking to high starting point, giving play to flexibility and aiming to promote teachers’ professional development. Currently, it has 15 public qualifications, undertakes over 20 projects of national and autonomous region level and expands compute training programs independently. In 2008, it officially cooperated with Jilin University to vigorously develop professional master degree education with master of software engineering as the bridge. In the same year, it reached cooperation agreement with Beijing Language and Culture University, becoming its off-campus learning center, which widens channel of adult education through network education.
      The school has always adhered to the educational orientation of “people-centered, serving the society, school and trainees” and the development principle of “seeking development through quality, speed through innovation and benefit through management”, and thus it is well received by the society for its educational quality and social reputation. It was awarded “Advanced Unit for ‘Bilingual’ Teachers’ Training in Xinjiang” in 2007, “Advanced Unit for Primary and Middle School Teachers’ Continuing Education Work during the Third Five-Year Management Cycle (Year 2004-2008)”, “Excellent Test Center for National Computer Test” and “Advanced Training Unit for Computer Application Technology Socialization in Xinjiang”.
      Looking into “the twelfth five-year plan”, the school will actively respond to harmonious society, Xinjiang leap-forward development and opening up, step onto road of connotative development and innovate the management system and talent training model. Moreover, it will strengthen school running capability, continue the educational orientation of serving for primary education, economic construction and social development and consolidate educational foundations, aiming to develop into an educational and teaching base, continuing education theory research base and continuing education service center with teachers’ education as the mainstay, combined with other types of talent training.



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