Youth College of Political Science


      Located at No. 773, Xingfu Road in Urumqi, Youth College of Political Science covers an area of 86mu, and floor area for school buildings reaches 36000 square meters. It enjoys complete educational facilities, including lecture hall, computer lab, language lab, multi-media classroom, large-scale library and stadium.

      Deeply rooted with the concept of “talents strengthening school”, sticking to “human-centered” principle and aiming to improve teaching faculty’s quality, the school has developed ranks of teachers with reasonable quantity and structure, full of innovative spirit and energy and qualified for teaching and scientific research. Among 67 teachers, there are 41 with intermediate and senior titles, 14 postgraduates and 5 with double degrees. Guided by coordinated development between “quantity, structure, quality and benefit”, the school focuses on both teaching and practice. It sets up disciplines in line with market and social requirements, emphasizes featured disciplines, enriches the promising special disciplines and strengthens construction of key disciplines. At the same time, it attaches great importance to cultivating students’ comprehensive quality, innovative and application ability. Ideological and Political Education and Psychological Counseling Center for Teenagers is specially set up and school-based courses include “Working Principle of the Youth League”, “Youth Cultivation”, “Youth Activities Organization”, “Youth Psychology”, “Principle for Teenager’s Work”, aiming to giving play to advantages of Youth League in organizing activities and direct students with educational principle of the Youth League.

      Faced with the new situation, guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and Three Representatives, the school is single-minded and working hard. Sticking to the spirit of “being united, devoted, practical and innovative” as well as educational advantages formed over the past years, with development as the theme, employment as the orientation, teaching quality, scientific research and social service improvement as the aim, the school vigorously promotes quality education, emphasizes youth and management features and forges unique model of school running, aiming to develop it into a school with distinct Youth League and regional features, synchronous development between teaching and scientific research and considerable influence in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region so as to contribute to economic prosperity, social advances and a well-off society.