School of International Cultural Exchanges


Founded in July, 2009, predecessor of School of International Cultural Exchanges is Chinese Language Teaching Research Department set up in March, 1990 which was renamed as Chinese Language Education School in April 2004. At present, it consists of Department of TeachingChineseasaForeignLanguage, Department of Chinese Language, Teaching Center for Language and Culture, Information Center for Overseas students and Research institute for Central Asia Languages and Culture. It offers master degree programs for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and Chinese Language for International Education oriented at students home and abroad, among which there are two research interests for Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, namely TeachingChineseasaForeignLanguage and Sociolinguistics, available for domestic students. There is also a bachelor’s degree program, direction of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language is oriented at domestic students, Business Chinese and Russian-Chinese Translation is oriented at overseas students. Moreover, there are medium and short-term language trainees from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Korea and Ireland.

Among the 57 staff members (with six part-time members), there are 49 full-time teachers, 7 professors and 16 associate professors. Full-time teachers with postgraduate education or above reach 45 (4 doctors, 2 doctor students and 39 postgraduates), accounting for 78%.

Under the concept of “condensing research interest, building research team, strengthening platform building, bettering exchange mechanism and increasing award”, school of International Cultural Exchanges has made remarkable achievements in scientific research. Guided by scientific outlook on development, sticking to the development principle of “standing from the present, looking into the future, creating features and forming brands”, and centering in the education running thought of “humanistic care, scientific management, cultural experience and professional practice” , it aims to broaden the development platform, standardize operational scheme and innovate cultivation model with subject connotation construction as the core, teaching quality improvement as the objective and featured research as the handhold. Currently, an educational system with postgraduate education, undergraduate education and non-academic credential language education is taking shape. With improved teaching troops, more reasonable discipline, better research capability, education for overseas students is prospering, and the school has become the backbone force for Chinese Language as International Education and education for overseas students and aims to become a training base for overseas students and propagation base for Chinese culture by “enriching cultural connotations, emphasizing fine management and creating Xinjiang Brand”. We are confident the young school of International Cultural Exchanges will go further in the road of all-round development.



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