School of Music


      Founded in October, 2000, predecessor of School of Music is the Music Department established in 1978. After great efforts of several generations, various undertakings in the school have gained rapid development. It has grown into a key base integrating reaching, research and creation and exchange into one in music higher education in Xinjiang, supplied several thousand art education and performance talents for the society and made contributions to prosperity of art undertakings in China and in Xinjiang especially..

      The school consists of Department of Science in Music, Department of Musical Performance and Teaching & Research Section for University Music. Major of Science in Music is the featured major construction site under Ministry of Education and Teaching Team for course groups of Science in Music is a national teaching team. Among 80 staff members, there are 5 professors and 14 associate professors. Postgraduates, overseas students and undergraduate students add up to over 1000. It ahs organized three musical groups, namely Muqam, Dongbula and Chinese Folk Music, among which Muqam, Dongbula won awards in highest-level national events.

      It is an effective method for School of Music to achieve leap-forward development by innovating boldly and taking advantage of educational resources home and abroad. Recent years, the school has invited dozens of well-known scholars and artists home and abroad to act as visiting professors. Folk art masters are also invited into the classroom. Open education running model has taken shape and cultivating performing and educational talents with double musical ability through quality education in art practice has made initial success.

      Persevering in the socialist orientation, School of Music is based in Xinjiang, faces the whole nation and bears the world in mind. It actively promotes double sense of music after analyzing experience and laws for music education running and aims to develop into a sustainable school of music with influence in the world and high quality in China through exploring advantages of local art resources, advocating equality, respect and tolerance among different cultures and upgrading educational thought and practice methods.



Contact Information:

Dean’s office: 0086-991-4333000

Secretary’s office: 0086-991-4332633

Assistant Dean’s office: 0086-991-4332005

Executive Office: 0086-991-4332627