School of Life Science


Founded in March, 2010, School of Life Science dates back to Department of Biology in 1978. Current Biology Science started to take in undergraduates in 1981 and was granted Qualification for Postgraduates’ Enrollment and Training in Phytology, which is among the first groups in XJNU. Up to now, it has cultivated more than 2000 talents for elementary teachers’ education and scientific research institutes.

      Currently, School of Life Science offers three bachelor’s degree programmes for Biology Science (normal education), Biotechnology (non-normal education) and Bioengineering (non-normal education), six master degree programmes for Zoology, Phytology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Curriculum and Teaching Methodology (Biology) and Subject Teaching (Biology) as well as qualification for postgraduates enrollment in the first-level discipline Biology. The enrolled undergraduates and postgraduates reach over 670 at present.

      The school is well staffed with 52 teachers, with seven professors and 22 associate professors. Recent years, the school quickens its step in discipline and teaching troop’s building. As a result, the education level, learning-origin structure, and age structure of the teaching troops are gradually optimized. With youth teachers under 45 years old taking up 59%, teachers with doctor degree 48% and master degree 62%.

      Sticking to key development areas of XJNU and choosing the actual problems to be addressed for Xinjiang local economic and social development as the breakthrough, the school has developed a distinct feature and advantage in the following three areas: Xinjiang Biological Resources Regulation and Application, Microbial Diversity and Function in Xinjiang Extreme Surroundings, Symbiotic Resistant Mechanism for Desert Life and Application. Since 2000, with over 19 million Yuan for scientific research of various levels and types, we have undertaken 90 scientific research projects, with 35 national projects and 29 provincial and ministerial projects; issued over 200 papers, with over SCI papers, over 150 core journal papers; and applied for five patens for invention.

      The school offers top-class undergraduate teaching laboratory, with an area of 2600 and a total equipment value of over 24 million Yuan, including 481 pieces of equipment worthy of over 10,000 Yuan each. It has a State-level International Joint Research Center, namely Central Asia Regional Cross-Border Pest Joint Control Research Center, National Youth Popular Science Education Base, Key Laboratory of Species Variety Application and Regulation in Xinjiang Special Environment under Ministry of Education, Laboratory for Animal Resources Protection and Pest Control in Central Asia, University Key Laboratory for Xinjiang Rare and Endangered Species Conservation Biology, and university-level key discipline of Microbiology, which offers favorable platforms and support for training students’ creative capability and improving teachers’ scientific research ability.

      School of Life Science attaches great importance to cooperation and exchanges with high-level university home and abroad as well as scientific research institutes. Sticking to the concept of “Xinjiang Base, Central Asia Features and Global View” and adopting the track of “going out, taking in and joining together”, its academic position and influence is irreplaceable in areas of Central Asia cross-border pest control and species protection research, microbes diversity research in Xinjiang extreme conditions, symbiotic resistant mechanism for desert life and biological resources development.

      Having all along attached importance to bachelor’s degree education, School of Life Science follows the guideline of “wide knowledge base, strong fundamental knowledge, heavy practical work weighing and high quality”, and principle of basic demand plus demand choice, and also focuses on undergraduates’ ability training and personality development. Students performed well in such competitions as China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, English Contest, Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Competition and Science and Technology Innovation Contest, with many prizes of national and regional level awarded. Thanks to its fine learning and examination atmosphere, students succeed in National Entrance Test for MA/MS Candidates are much higher than the national average enrollment.

      Friends from various social circles are sincerely welcome to conduct cooperation and exchanges in teaching, scientific research and resources development.



Contact Information:

Secretary’s office: 0086-991-4333958

Assistant Dean’s office: 0086-991-4332353

Executive Office: 0086-991-4333310