School of Physical Education


      School of Physical Education is one of the key PE schools in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region. It was founded in August, 2000 after merging Department of Physical Education and Teaching and Research Section of Common Physical Education, whose predecessor was Department of Physical Education founded in September, 1979 and Xinjiang Teachers’ Training Department in 1972.

      After years’ of development, the school offers three bachelor’s degree programmes for physical education, sports training and performance (with a research interest of Sports Art Performance) and at the same time bears the teaching task of common physical education. At present, it has been granted qualification for cultivating Master of Physical Education which is allowed to take in master degree candidates through China besides master degree programmes of first-level discipline for PE science, and second-level discipline for Sports Humanities and Sociology, Physical Education and Training, National Traditional Sports and Humane Movement Science, being the only professional school qualified for training PE postgraduates.

      The school consists of five teaching and research sections for Track and Field, PE Theory, Ball Games, Sports Performance Art & National Traditional Sports and Common Physical Education. It has region-level key discipline and university-level priority development discipline of Sports Humanities and Sociology, Key Laboratory for Xinjiang Multi-ethnic Physique and Health Assessment co-built by the province and ministry, support discipline of Physical Education for Doctor Degree Construction Unit, National Social Sports Instructor Training Base as well as Minority Sports Culture Research Center, and thus it is the cradle for senior PE professionals and also an ideal place for further study by PE teachers, coaches, player as well as PE research and management personnel.

       The school has abundant qualified teachers and achieves remarkable teaching and scientific research findings: one support discipline for doctor building unit, one key laboratory of the provincial and ministerial level, one university-level discipline with priority development, one sports culture research base subordinate to State General Sports Administration, one national university featured discipline, one national quality video open course, one Region-level teaching team, one Region-level Physical Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center, one Region-level quality course, and four university-level quality courses. The school is well staffed with 89 teachers, with 84 full-time teachers, 9 professors, 27 associate professors, 1 doctoral supervisor and 24 postgraduate supervisors, nine doctors and four doctor students, two Region-level teaching celebrities, two region-level teaching experts, two university-level teaching celebrities, two university-level teaching experts, one national referee and over ten national judges. Moreover, one teacher is awarded with the Special government allowances of the State Council, one with Region-level Teaching Achievement Prize, two National Advanced Mass Sports Scientific Research Individuals, one Advanced Individual for Development and Construction of Xinjiang, one Region-level Teaching Celebrity and one university-level Teaching Celebrity. The school has always devoted to four research orientations, namely Xinjiang Minority Physique and Health, Minority Sports Culture, Physical Education Theory and Practice for schools in multi-ethnic area and Traditional Sports & Coordinated Development of National Fitness, with over 60 national and provincial & ministerial projects finished, over 20 textbooks and monographs published, 380 papers issued and 120 teaching and research awards granted. Thanks to the united efforts from the faculty, School of Physical Education was awarded Advanced Group in Xinjiang Educational System and Advanced Unit for National Fitness Campaign in 2009, being conducive to social development in Xinjiang.

       After 40 years’ of history, School of Physical Education has accumulated rich experiences. Faced with social development and technological advances, it will be built into a high-level training base for PE teaching and research talents with distinct regional features, offering academic support and personnel backup for school development of PE education, social physical education and competitive sports in Xinjiang.

      There are 860 undergraduates and 124 postgraduates. Sport teams won satisfactory results in many national competitions. Hanati·Silamu and Xue Haifeng, sports training major, won two copper medals in Beijing Olympic Games, tow silver medals in Eleventh National Games, adding honor to people of various nationalities in Xinjiang. Adili·Paizi, teacher in the school and also International Boxing Referee was invited as NTO for boxing match in the 29th Olympic Games by Organizing Committee and also State Physical Culture Administration. Aerobics team was selected to go for national championship held in Beijing and also live show for Olympic Games. During the Eighth National Sports Meeting for College Students, students in our school won two copper medals, two fourth places, one seventh place and one eighth place for track and field events, one seventh place for Chinese martial art and one eighth place for Aerobics. We got two gold medals for Boxing Individual Event and Archery Team Event in Tenth National Games, which are all the medals won by Xinjiang Delegation. Football team made a breakthrough and won the champion for China University Football League in 2010. During the Eighth National Sports Meeting for College Students, we got two silver and two copper medals for taekwondo, a sixth place for women's singles and a seventh place for women’s team at the table tennis and displayed a new mental outlook of XNU students in aerobics and basketball events. In short, it has made great contributions to high-quality athletes and development competitive sports in Xinjiang. 



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