School of Geographical Science & Tourism


      School of Geographical Science & Tourism was merged by Geography Department and Tourism Department under School of Life and Environmental Science. The overall objective for discipline building and development is threefold. First, taking the lead byRegion key discipline of Oasis Science and integrating academic forces of the school, in and out of the university to develop a multi-level educational system, with bachelor’s degree programs as the mainstay, together with master’s and doctor’s degree programmes. Second, focusing on both teaching and scientific research, it aims to serve educational undertakings and relate to social, economic and ecological building; third, it aims to develop into a school taking the lead in Xinjiang and being influential in China and Central Asia.

      The school offers master’s degree programs for Human Geography, Physical Geography, Geo-Information System, Tourism Management, Population, Resources and Environmental Economics, and Curriculum Theory for Geography Teaching, bachelor’s degree programs for Geographic Science (normal education), Geo-Information System (non-normal education) and Tourism Management (non-normal education), and adult undergraduate and college education for Geographic Science, Tourism Management, Human Resource Management and Demography.

      Center of Education for Sustainable Development subordinate to XJNU is attached in our school. It consists of Xinjiang Oasis Research Institute, Research Center for Xinjiang Tourism Development and Education Center for Xinjiang Gem-Jade Training. Moreover, there is Oasis Key Laboratory, Key Laboratory for Geographic Information & Oasis Spatial Information, and professional laboratory in soil, plant, meteorology, hydrology, geology, geomorphology, remote sensing, cartography and tourism practice, for which equipment and experiment level is upgraded and improved each year. It keeps over 10,000 professional books and over 300 professional periodicals which have been subscribed for more than 20 years. The above research centers, laboratories and document& information resources guarantee improvement for teaching and research quality.

      School of Geographical Science & Tourism attaches importance to combination of teaching, scientific research and social work. It is the director-general unit of Xinjiang Tourism Education Association and vice director-general unit of Xinjiang geographical Association. Research Center for Xinjiang Tourism Development subordinate to our school has the qualification for tourism planning and design.

      Looking into the future, elementary education in China implements quality education and new course reform, which requires a greater demand for teachers majoring in geography, tourism and human resource management. Second, expanding enrollment of colleges and universities and development of research institutes also calls for talents with postgraduate education level or above. In addition, against Far West Development Strategy, talents in areas of resource exploitation, tourism management and land planning are urgently needed. As a result, we enjoy obvious advantages in talent training.

      Oriented at reform of basic education, social and economic sustainable development, School of Geographical Science & Tourism will broaden the basic disciplines, develop interdisciplines and strengthen applied disciplines, viewing teaching quality as the lifeline for school’s development.



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