School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering


      Founded in April, 2010, School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering currently offers five bachelor’s degree programs, namely Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technique, Environmental Science and Environment Engineering, falling into three first-level disciplines of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology and Environmental Science and Engineering. It also has master’s degree programs of first-level discipline for Chemistry and also Chemistry Teaching Theory. Enrolled undergraduates reach 700 and postgraduates about 50, with 17 masters of Education. Currently there are 60 staff members, with 4 administrators, 12 lab assistants and 44 full-time teachers; 5 professors and 17 associate professors; 19 doctors and 10 doctor students.

      The school has professional laboratory and large instrument analysis and measurement center, with an area of 2480, over 200 pieces of large equipment and a total value of over 20 million Yuan. Moreover, it has new energy material chemical laboratory, applied chemistry laboratory subsidized by local university special fund supported by central finance, laboratory co-built by central and local authorities for featured and advantageous subjects of Chemistry and Physics and demonstration center for Environment and Green Chemistry Experiment Teaching. Such disciplines with priority development as Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry featured by “high starting point, high level, large scale and distinct characteristics” have been developed, with distinct teaching and scientific research features. Inorganic Chemistry is the university key discipline, and Pollution Monitoring and Control Laboratory is university key laboratory.
      At present, there are four discipline research teams, Chemistry Team led by Professor Yin Xiaoli (mainly engaged in Chemistry teaching and methodology research), Applied Chemistry Team led by Professor Li Zhi (mainly engaged in Fine Chemistry, Energy and Chemical Industry and new electrode materials research), Environmental Science and Engineering Team led by Professor Chen Ping (mainly engaged in pollution control engineering, waster resourceful utilization technology research) and Material Chemistry Team led by professor Wang Li (mainly engaged in inorganic functional materials, photocatalytic materials and micro nano material research). Recent years, the school has undertaken 30 scientific research projects of various levels and types, with 11 national projects, 20 provincial and ministerial projects and an ongoing project fund of over 2 million, and issued over 140 papers, with over 52 SCI and EI included papers.

      Recent years, the school has established long-term partnership with such universities as Xiamen University, East China Normal University, East China Normal University, China Science and Technology University, East China University of Science and Technology and Tianjin University. It also established three production-study-research cooperation bases with Xinjiang Deland Co., Ltd, Xinjiang Shanshan Industrial Park and Xinjiang Xinye New Energy Co., Ltd.

      Considering the university’s overall objective and positioning, in line with actual conditions of School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering and according to the discipline building development thought of “standing on solid ground to lay foundation and seizing opportunity to promote development”, the school defines its development objective, running position, thought and features.

      Development objective: School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering is to be developed into a teaching and research school, with science as the foundation, engineering as the breakthrough, coordinated development between science and engineering, complete talent training system, distinct teaching and research priority and features, taking the lead in Xinjiang and being influential in Northwest China.

      Positioning: Strengthen cultivation of academic postgraduates and develop professional master’s education, with bachelor’s education as the mainstay.

      School running thought: High-quality teaching troops’ building and academic team lies in the foundation of discipline construction and development; research interest and project with local features serves as the basis for sustainable development of discipline construction; strengthening lab building, promoting research findings conversion, attaching the same emphasis to teaching and scientific research and improving talent training system offers guarantee for discipline construction and development; forming growing point of new disciplines with such course groups of Chemistry, Environmental Science, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, and Environment Engineering and after discipline crossing, integration and development; developing applied disciplines such as Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering based on industries of Petrochemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Energy and Chemical Industry and Environmental Engineering. We aim to cultivate high-level technicians for relevant industries with our own features and advantages.

      Features: the school places its mission on improving talent training quality, core on discipline building, key on teaching troop’s building, breakthrough on “production, learning and research” base, and special characteristics on new energy and new material, aiming to achieve the strategic objective of “coordinated multi-discipline development and teaching and research school with distinct features”. With approved core competitiveness, it can better serve light industrial construction and enhance capability of independent innovation.



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