School of Computer Science


      School of Computer Science was founded in March, 2010, whose predecessor was the Computer Department established in 1995. After 20 years’ building and development, it has made remarkable achievements in teaching troops, teaching conditions and scientific research, being a key base to nurture professionals in computer technology. It consists of three bachelor’s majors, namely Software Engineering, Network Engineering and Computer Science and Technology (normal education), one master degree programme for Computer technology. It consists of 11 professional labs, 5 research offices, one sub center, one joint lab, one university key laboratory and one teaching demonstration center.

      The school has established counter-aid partnership with Tsinghua University, Science and Technology University of China and Harbin University of Industry. During recent five years, 46 teaching and scientific research projects totaling 6.84 million Yuan have been approved, with one 973 preliminary research project, 14 National Natural Science Fund projects and National Language Committee projects. More than 130 papers have been issued. In addition, it has two approved university-level quality courses, one university-level teaching team on Computer Comprehensive Experiment, one Region-level teaching celebrity, three university-level teaching experts, five Excellent Instructors for various types of competitions, 10 teaching achievement prizes and four concluded university-level quality courses. And thus it is of considerable influence in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

      Currently, the school has built the laboratory needed by professionals of Computer Science and Technology. Uygur Language Research Center of Minority Language Branch under National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center and Xinjiang Intelligent Agriculture Information Research Branch under State Agricultural Information Key Laboratory are located here. It owns 2352 pieces of experimental equipment, with a total value of 12.17 million Yuan, including over 20 servers, 100 network equipment such as routers, switches and firewalls, over 800 microcomputers and over 20 sets of Computer Composition Principle Experiment boxes. Viewed teaching quality as lifeblood, the school emphasizes on cultivating students’ creative and practical capability, and thus cooperates with various Information Industry Companies in Xinjiang. It has established “Production, Learning and Production” base and laboratories with Xinjiang Northwest Star Information Technology Co., Ltd, Xinjiang Xiling Information Technology Co., Ltd, Xinjiang Honglian Information Technology Co., Ltd, Xinjiang Electric Power Information and Communication Technology Co., Ltd, Xinjiang Public Information Technology Co., Ltd and Urumqi Qianyu Qianyu Information Technology Co., Ltd, with students well received by the society.

      Innovative achievements created by the school serve enterprises and government institutions in Xinjiang. In 2014, it developed “Chinese-Uyghur Bilingual Language Learning Software” for 200,000 cadres going down to different grass-roots units, Questionnaire Survey System for library of XJNU, as well as such softwares as vehicle management system based on license plate recognition, information technology bilingual education system and word meaning tagging corpus management system. In 2013, it developed Traffic Statistics System for Xinjiang Agricultural Products in and out of Xinjiang and Oilfield Scientific Research Management System for Hongyou Company. In 2012, it developed Scientific Production Statistics Information Management System for Science and Research Division in XJNU and applied for three software copyrights, namely UKKPen Uyghur Language Handwriting Recognition System V1.0, UKKPen Kirgiz Language Handwriting Recognition System V1.0, UKKPen Kazakh Language Handwriting Recognition System V1.0, which has been accepted by Xinjiang Public Information Industry Company. In 2010, it developed student achievement management and query system for Academic Administration Department in XJNU.



Contact Information:

Dean’s office: 0086-991-4333176

Secretary’s office: 0086-991-4333257

Assistant Dean’s office: 0086-991-4332444

Executive Office: 0086-991-4332334

Teaching secretary’s office: 0086-991-433224