School of Foreign Languages


After 30 years’ construction and development, School of Foreign Languages has accumulated rich teaching experience, abundant qualified teachers and high teaching and scientific research level. It offers bachelor’s degree programmes for English, Russian and Japanese. Besides, it takes in adult undergraduate and college trainees in English and Russian as well as short-term trainees in English, Russian and Japanese.

Currently there are 74 teaching staff members, with 1 professor and 14 associate professors; 12 doctors (doctor students included) and 50 postgraduates. More than 30 teachers pursued a degree, went for further study or school trip in countries and regions as the UK, the USA, Australia, Holland, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Israel and Macau. Many teachers performed well in teaching competitions of national and regional level. Currently, a total of eight foreign experts from the USA, the UK, Japan, Russia and Kazakhstan are invited to conduct teaching for undergraduates, graduates and teachers.

The school offers doctoral student training program for “Curriculum and Teaching Methodology” (Foreign Language Education and Teaching), three master’s degree programmes of second-level discipline for Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistic, Mater of Translation and Interpretation and Master of Pedagogy, as well as master degree candidate training program for TeachingMethodologyof English Subject (with two research interests of Middle School English Teaching and University English Teaching). Main research interests for master degree candidates include Language Typology and Universals, Language, Culture and Xinjiang Regional Language Variation, Foreign Language Learners’ Second Language Acquisition Features and Foreign Language Teaching Method Research, Chinese and Western Literature (mainly Central Asia Literature) Translation and Research. By now, it has cultivated over 400 postgraduates. It also has Region-level quality video open class for Cross-cultural Communication, University-level Humane Social SciencesKey Research Base, namely Contemporary Central Asia Literature Translation and Research Center, Macao - Xinjiang English Centre established in cooperation with Macao Secretary for Social and Cultural Affairs, Foreign Language Teaching Research Center established in cooperation with American Embassy, Graduates Cultivation Demonstration Base of Combination of Production, Teaching and Research in Xinjiang and Xinjiang Digital Translation Talents Cultivation Base, which promotes linguistic study, professional knowledge and teaching capacity for middle school and university English teachers, as well as English, Russian and Japanese translation talents training in Xinjiang. Moreover, we have signed agreements for graduates’ and postgraduates’ practice base with Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, TRANSN Information Technology Co., Ltd, Xinjiang Economic Daily News, Xinjiang Huahe Information Business Co., Ltd, Northwest Translation Industry Co., Ltd and many key middle schools in Urumqi, aiming to develop talent practice platforms jointly.

The school carries out international strategy actively. At present, it has established cooperation and exchanges with universities in such countries and regions as the UK, Russia, Tajikistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Macao and Taiwan as well as domestic universities, including East China Normal University, Beijing Normal University, Southwest University, Sichuan International Studies University and Southwest Jiao Tong University. About 40 students of English, Russian and Japanese majors are sent out for 3+1 joint training or short-term school trip each year.

School of Foreign Languages has simultaneous interpretation laboratory, computer aided translation laboratory, language laboratory and multimedia lecture hall, totaling 12. Over 130,000 professional books, over 20,000 foreign original books, foreign language journals home and abroad and audio & video data in English, Russian and Japanese are kept in reference room. Moreover, it established Chinese Bibliographic Database and School Website by itself and introduced sub database of CNKI, Founder Electronic Library, Wanfang doctoral and master’s dissertation and foreign periodicals database, offering great convenience for students and teachers.

Thanks to the strict teaching and fine learning atmosphere, passing rate for Test for English Major-4 and 8, College English Test Band 4 and Band 6, Test for Russian Major-4 and 8 rises year by year. Many students did a good job in FLTRP Cup English Speech and Writing Contest and National English Contest for College Students. Over the past 30 years, foreign language professionals of various nationalities cultivated by our school have become backbones in universities & colleges, middle schools, enterprises and government institutions, many of them winning prizes in teaching contests of various levels and types. School of Foreign Languages makes its due contribution to educational, economic and cultural development in Xinjiang.



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