School of Elementary Education


      School of Elementary Education enjoys a qualified teaching staff. Among the 56 teaching staff, there are 42 full-time teachers; 1 professor and 12 associate professors; 11 doctors and doctor students. Devoted to optimizing the teaching faculty and improving discipline building, it has become a teaching and research school with its own featured and advantageous majors to serve both the elementary education and also local economic and cultural development needs.

      The school enjoys complete teaching facilities, with dancing room to cultivate teachers’ skill, digital electronic piano room (41 pianos), computer room (180 computers), language laboratory (43 seats), electronic lesson-preparation room (20㎡),

art studio and Electrical and Electronic Lab. In 2010, primary school comprehensive science laboratory with an investment of 590,000 Yuan was built and put into use, including Scientific Inquiry Laboratory (Thermo-Mechanical, Geoscience, Electromagnetism, Optics sub Laboratory) and Laboratory for Primary School Scientific Teaching, which can fully meet teaching demand. In 2011, the major of special education was approved as the second batch of key industry urgently needed talent majors and Special Education Speech Rehabilitation and Sensory Integrative Laboratory was built with an investment of 425000 Yuan. In 2012, special project for “second-phase of special education construction” launched by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Education and China Disabled Persons' Federation settled in XJNU. The state invested 32.5 million Yuan to build Xinjiang Special Education Teachers’ Training Base, with 6.4 million Yuan allocated for special education lab.

      Since establishment, it is positioned as “a teaching and scientific research school”. Sticking to comprehensiveness, practicalness and teaching research, the school puts a special emphasis on practical teaching and tries to improve students’ comprehensive quality. As a result, the students nurtured enjoy distinct features of primary school teachers. At present, it takes the lead in primary school education in Xinjiang, with a considerable influence due to its own special characteristics. Since 2010, we integrated the advantage resources and offered Special Education as well as Pre-school Education. As a result, we have developed a featured major which serves the elementary education, local economic and social development and at the same time enjoys our own advantages, making contributions to primary school education, special education and teachers’ training for pre-education schools. Recent years, the school invested heavily in Xinjiang Bilingual Teachers’ Training, Adult Education and National Teacher Training supported by Ministry of Education and made remarkable achievements. Looking into the future, we will embrace a bright future and greater challenges with full enthusiasm and confidence.

      The school has set up practice bases in more than 20 high-quality primary schools subordinate to Urumqi municipality and five special education schools in Xinjiang, which will guarantee students’ education practice and professional learning. Over the 12 years since establishment, graduates have left for posts of basic education, well received by schools of elementary education due to their solid professional knowledge and skills.

      Love is the soul of education and the wing to fly. We hope you can feel our love and pass it down in order to create happy education and benefit students.



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