School of Fine Arts


      Founded in September, 2000, School of Fine Arts developed from the Fine Arts Department established in 1978, and the Fine Arts Teaching section of Urumqi No. 1 Normal School in 1906, with a history of 106 years. After great efforts of several generations, various undertakings in the school have gained rapid development. It has grown into a key base integrating reaching, research and creation into one in fine arts higher education in Xinjiang, supplied over 3000 graduates for the society and made contributions to prosperity of modern fine arts education.

      The school consists of Department of Fine Art Education, Department of Painting, Department of Art Design and Theory Teaching Section and offers five bachelor’s degree programmes for Fine Art Education (normal education), Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Visual Communication Art Design and Environmental Art Design. There are five professors, 11 associate professors and 36 lecturers among the 66 staff members, with over a thousand students. Being the national featured major and regional key discipline, Fine Art Science was built into a master’s degree programme, which bridged the gap for postgraduate education for Art Major in Xinjiang universities. In 2009, it was granted Master of Fine Arts degree programme and master degree programmes of first-level discipline for Art Science and second-level discipline for Artistic Design. At present, there are five research interests for Master of Fine Arts, namely Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Engraving, Fine Art Education and Art and Design; five research interests for Master of Art Science, namely Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Engraving, Watercolor Painting, Art and Design; two research interests for Master of Artistic Design, namely Visual Communication Art Design and Environmental Art Design. Currently it has 25 postgraduate supervisors and 171 enrolled postgraduates. Moreover, there is a Research Center for Central Asia fine art, with three teaching sections in Central Asia Buddhist Art, Central Asia Islamic Art and Central Asia National Fine Art Comparison subordinate, one Central Asia Fine Art Studio and Central Asia Fine Art Information Room.

      Since establishment, the school has undertaken 16 state-level scientific research projects and finished fourArt Science Projects of National 10th Five-Year Plan. Projects understudied include six National Social Science Art Projects, 3 National Social Science Projects, three National Education Science Projects, 25 projects of provincial and ministerial level (including 20 Humanities and Social Science Projects of National Education) and university-level projects. Over 200 papers are issued in such core journalsas Fine Art, Art Observation, Art Research, Art Design and New Fine Art, more than 50 academic monographs, album of paintings and textbooks are published and dozens of pieces of art works received awards on national and regional exhibitions of fine arts. On the 11thNationalArtworksExhibition, 11 works created by teachers and students of our school were selected, among which works of Zhao Peizhi, an associate professor, was awarded gold prize, marking a national leading level. Some works are collected by National Art Museum of China and Shanghai Art Museum and four teachers have received “Tianshan Literary and Art Award” set up by Party committees and governments of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

      By sticking to normal education and progressiveness, emphasizing professionalism and regional character, studying laws and development trend for higher art education in China carefully and fully discovering current conditions, teacher’s qualification and scientific research capacity, we aim to become a high-level and high-quality fine art school with distinct features in the world and considerable influence at home, being first class of similar schools in northwest China and taking the led in art education among universities and colleges in Xinjiang. As for the training objective, we aim for comprehensive talents and also tip-top talents due to law of art education to offer practical talents with solid foundation, high quality and comprehensive knowledge and research-type artists.



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